**Dr Charlie Davie on value based mental health care delivery in stroke services in London**

Workshop at the GLA on 29th February 2012

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UCLPartners and the Greater London Authority hosted a meeting for leaders and future leaders of London's health and social care system on 29 February, 2012.

Dr Charlie Davie from the Royal Free believes collaboration is crucial in achieving value based mental health care.  


Dr Charlie Davie
The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust and UCLPartners

Dr Davie qualified in Medicine from Glasgow University, Scotland in 1986 and has been a Consultant Neurologist based in London for 13 years. He is a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians and member of the Association of British Neurologists. He has been an Editor of The European Journal of Neurology since 2005.

For the last three years he has led the stroke programme for UCL Partners and is also Clinical Lead for the North Central London Cardiovascular and Stroke Network. His current research interests include the development and assessment of stroke care for large populations in the United Kingdom.




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