UCL Four-Year PhD Programme in Mental Health

The UCL Four-Year PhD programme in Mental Health is supported by the Medical Research Council (MRC). Two studentships will be available to start in October 2015.

What is a Four-Year PhD?

Students on a four year PhD programme spend their first year gaining generic research skills and broadening their research experience before completing a “conventional” three year PhD in years 2-4 of their studies. Students on the Four Year PhD in Mental Health rotate through three different research labs or teams on three-month placements. They also complete one MSc module, statistics training and undertake other appropriate generic skills training during their first year.

This first year has the following advantages:

  • It enables students from different backgrounds to broaden their knowledge and skills in three different areas of mental health research

  • It gives students greater insight into research; in particular it illustrates to them where their specific skills and experience might best fit, before they select their main 3-year project

What does the programme provide?

The studentships provide four years of fees at the UCL UK/EU rate, four years of stipend at standard MRC rates, and a small research/travel allowance. Click here for more details.

Entry requirements

Applicants require a UK Bachelors degree in a subject relevant to mental health research (including, but not limited to: psychology; neuroscience; epidemiology; medical statistics), awarded with first or upper second-class Honours, or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard from a university or educational institution of university rank, or a recognised taught Masters degree. The UCL English language proficiency requirements must also be met.

EU status applicants are usually eligible for fees only, and not a stipend over the course of the PhD programme. Exceptionally, EU status applicants may be eligible for a stipend if they have been resident in the UK (either working or in full-time education) during the 3 years prior to application. Additionally, EU status applicants currently working in the UK in a field relevant to mental health (for example, research assistants) may also be eligible for both stipend and fees as 'migrant workers'. Please see the MRC guidelines for further information.

Non-UK/EU applicants are not eligible for this programme unless they fulfill the UK status requirements* as given below.

*UK status requires the applicant to have full UK citizenship or to have been ordinarily resident in the UK (i.e. not in full-time education) for the previous 3 years. If the applicant has family or a spouse with UK status the stipend would be payable but UCL fees would be charged at the overseas rate and would not be fully covered by the grant.

Application procedure

Applicants are invited to apply by e-mail to rosalyn.lawrence@ucl.ac.uk attaching both a CV and supplementary personal statement explaining why they wish to apply for this programme. The CV must state the name of the institution where you obtained your undergraduate (and if appropriate post-graduate) degree(s), as well as the grades achieved. You should also name two academic references, who may be approached at the interview stage. The closing date for receipt of applications is 31st January 2015.

Enquiries may be sent to the programme Directors: Dr Jonathan Roiser (j.roiser@ucl.ac.uk) or Dr David Osborne (d.osborn@ucl.ac.uk).


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