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Seminar theme: Translations/Transpositions - Migration and non-Mother-tongue Writing
- led by Dr Federica Mazzara (2007-09), more ...

Seminar diary 2007-08 | Seminar diary 2008-09

Rationale for this strand of the seminar

The seminar explores the theoretical and practical discourses and representations around the question of migration especially as related to literature. What happens when a writer travels or moves to another country changing his/her own written language to the one of the “host” country? What are the literary conventions, if any, adopted by writers when dealing with issues such as migrating, exiling, travelling and crossing borders? How much of themselves do “moving” writers and artists translate when they create in other languages and cultures? How can the images of a country produced by migrants and travellers influence that country’s cultural expressions? And finally, how is literature in relation to migration received and treated by national cultures, and by comparative literature, postcolonial studies, gender studies and other trends in literary and cultural studies? These and many others are the more or less related, questions that these seminars intend to investigate. With special attention to the relatively small case of Italy, a country traditionally associated with concepts such as travelling (Italy as one of the most desired destination countries for Grand Tour travellers, for instance) and e/immigration (Italians migrating to United States, especially after the Second World War and the recent increasing immigration to Italy of people coming from different countries) the seminars will also explore broader contexts. They will involve other forms of cultural expressions besides literature (visual and performing arts and media and language in general) and issues such as gender, identity, cultural belonging and memory.

The seminars wish to contribute to the debate in translation studies and comparative literature in relation to a world literature perspective that reconsiders the somewhat uniform understanding of national literatures, in order to overcome the limits set by local paradigms. They will include the diversity of voices that find literary expression in-translation, so to speak, recording bot30 October, 2008riences.

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