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Dr Mirca Madianou Identities and Culture in Europe - National, Regional and Individual Identities, September 2002 - August 2004, then to a post at the University of Cambridge  

As a UCL Mellon Fellow Mirca was researching Identities and Culture in Europe with a focus on national, regional and individual identities in the modern European context, and was based in the Department of Anthropology.

Research interests

- Writing on the relationship between media, politics and identities in contemporary Greece with a special focus on Turkish speaking minorities.
- Developing a project on the emotional life of news, examining the consumption of television news in Greece and the UK.

Other research interests included:
- Tthe representations of history and uses of the past in popular culture; communication at times of crisis and conflict; theories of public sphere(s) and the developments towards a theory of mediation.
- Participation in the Changing Media – Changing Europe programme of the ESF and in particular in the work of Team 4 on Media and Cultural Identities.


2004 (November) Mediating the Nation: News, Audiences and the Politics of Identity. London: UCL Press.

(in press) "Contested communicative spaces: rethinking identities, boundaries and the role of the media among Turkish speakers in Greece". Ethnic and Migration Studies.

(in press) "From the nation as a public to diverse audiences" in Livingstone, Sonia (ed.) Audiences and Publics: when cultural engagement matters to the public sphere. London: Intellect Press

2002 "Global crises – local worlds: The mediation of the Kosovo conflict in Greece" in Savarese, Rossella (ed.) Communications and Crisis: The Media, Conflict and Society. Milan: Franco Angeli.

2002 "The national space of political communication: news discourse and national identity". In Demertzis, Nicolas (ed.) Political Communication in contemporary Greece. Athens: Papazisis. [in Greek]

2001 "Introduction", to the Greek edition of the book Mass Media and Society, ed. J.Curran and M.Gurevitch, Athens: Patakis.

Conference Papers

" Moving across spaces: ICT’s, transnational identities and everyday life". Invited speaker at the workshop on Computer Mediated Communications Technology (CMICT), Tagaytay, Philippines 20-23 October 2003.

" Between the national and the transnational: the case of Turkish speakers in an Athens neighbourhood". Paper to be presented at the Culture and Power Conference, organised by the Faculty of Letters at the University of Lisboa, November 4-7 2003.

" Contested Communicative Spaces: rethinking identities, boundaries and the role of the media among Turkish speakers in Greece". Paper presented at the International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference, San Diego, CA., May 23-27 2003.

" From the nation as a public to diverse audiences". Paper presented at the European Science Foundation’s Changing Media-Changing Europe (Team 4) meeting. Istanbul, April 24th 2003.

" Mediating identities, contesting culture: rethinking the media and identity relationship in a transnational world" Paper presented at the Mellon Interdisciplinary Seminar Series, UCL, 22nd January 2003.

" Mediating the nation: contesting culture, media and identities in Greece". Paper presented at the Cultural Returns Conference, organised by the Pavis Centre, Open University and held at St. Hughes College, Oxford, September 18-20, 2002

" Being both a Turk and a Greek: rethinking identities, boundaries and the role of the media". Paper presented at the IAMCR International Conference, Barcelona, 21-26 July, 2002.

" Global crises, national news and the politics of identity". Paper presented at the Inaugural International Conference Global Village or Global Image? Representing Diversity and Difference. BFI, London, 24-27 July, 2001.

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