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Dr Claire Thomson Identities and Culture in Europe - Visual Arts and Literary Genres, September 2004 - August 2006, then to a post at the UCL Department of Scandinavian Studies.

N.B. Claire's current homepage and current list of publications

As a UCL Mellon Fellow Claire was researching Identities and Culture in Europe with particular focus on the role of the visual arts and literary genres in shaping and representing nationhood and sovereignty.

Claire was born and educated in Scotland, and has also studied in Belgium and Denmark. Before coming to UCL, Claire was the Lecturer in Scandinavian Studies & Danish at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Research interests

  • The construction of nationness in narrative: how literature, film and other media, especially hybrid genres and formally experimental texts, represent and re-negotiate the space and time of the nation
  • The relationship between historiography and fiction in national narratives
  • The connections between the postnational, the posthistorical and the posthuman in literature and film
  • The role of the human body in reading, viewing and performing nationness
  • The textual representation of regional language varieties, and their translation


  • Danish language: Beginners and Honours
  • Undergraduate seminars on Nordic cinema
  • MA Film Studies module spring 2006 and 2007: Nordic Cinema -  Contextualising Dreyer, Bergman and Dogme 95. More ...
  • Occasional lectures and seminars for MA Gender Studies (more ... ), and BA Language and Culture (more ... ).


  • 'It's All About Snow: Limning the Posthuman Body in Tarkovsky's Solaris and Vinterberg's It's All About Love'. Forthcoming 2007 in New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Cinema.
  • '"En tredjedel gud, en tredjedel dyr, og en tredjedel menneske": Peter Høegs posthumane kroppe'. Invited contribution to Synsvinkler: Tidsskrift for nordisk litteratur og sprog (May 2007: theme issue on Peter Høeg)
  • 'Narratives and Fictions of Empire: Denmark' in Poddar, Prem, Rajeev Patke and Lars Jensen (eds): A Historical Companion to Postcolonial Literatures in Continental Europe and its Empires. Forthcoming 2007, Edinburgh University Press
  • 'The Tale-End of History: Literary Form, Historiography, and the Danish (Post)national Imagination' in Mole, Richard (ed.): Discourse, Identity and Politics in Europe. Forthcoming 2007, London: Palgrave Macmillan
  • '"A Land of Machines": On Time, Technology and Otherness in some Tales by H.C. Andersen', in Renton, Jennie (ed.): Textualities 1: Magic Afoot, May 2006 More ...
  • Northern Constellations: New Readings in Nordic Cinema, C. Claire Thomson (ed) Norwich : Norvik Press (2006). More ...
  • Guest editor, Scandinavica 44:2 (November 2005): theme issue on Nordic National Narratives:
    - 'Introduction: Re-imagining Nordic National Narratives' 131-142
    - 'Walking in the City, Mapping the World: Migrational Spaces in Peer Hultberg's Byen og verden' 203-228
  • ‘Stille eksistenser: Silence, Landscape and Language in Fiction by Warner, Greig and Grønfeldt’ in Thomsen, Bjarne Thorup et al (eds): Centring on the Peripheries, Norwich, Norvik Press, forthcoming 2006
  • ' "En usynlig krop”: Transgressing the Boundaries of the Body in Vibeke Grønfeldt’s Mulighedernes land and I dag’, in Forsås-Scott, H. (ed.): Gender, Power, Text. Scandinavian Culture in the Twentieth Century. Norvik Press, Norwich. More ...
  • ' "Slainte, I goes and he says his word": Morvern Callar Undergoes the Trial of the Foreign', in Language and Literature 13:1, January 2004
  • Separate biblio-biographical articles on N.F.S.Grundtvig, B.S.Ingemann, A.Oehlenschläger, F.Paludan-Müller and Romantic Nationalism, in Murray, C.J. (ed.), Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, Fitzroy Dearborn, New York, 2003
  • ' "Vi æder vores eget lort": Scatology and Eschatology in Peter Høeg's Forestilling om det tyvende århundrede' in Scandinavica 41:1, May 2002
  • ' "My Water of Leith Runs Through a Double City": Cityscape and Mindscape in the Poetry of Norman MacCaig and Klaus Rifbjerg' in Northern Studies: The Journal of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies 34, 1999

Papers and presentations

  • 'Mother / Nature: Body and Wilderness in Carl Th. Dreyer's Ordet and Lars von Trier's Medea'. UCL Scandinavian Studies Research Seminar, 13 December 2006.
  • 'Beyond the Heath, Beyond the Human: The Hybrid Cartographies of Blicher, Brixvold et al.' International Association for Scandinavian Studies: Borders in Nordic Literature. Åbo Akademi, Finland, 7-12 August 2006
  • "One-Third God, One-Third Animal, and One-Third Human": Peter Høeg's Posthuman Bodies.' Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. Oxford, University of Mississippi, 4-6 May 2006
  • 'Corridors of State: Migrational Bodies, Buildings and Nations in Ali Smith's Hotel World and Lena Andersson's Du är alltså svensk?' Invited Comparative Literature Research Seminar, University of Edinburgh, 16 March 2006
  • 'Sculptures and Cyborgs: Mapping the Body Across Languages'
    Invited Translation Studies Seminar, University of East Anglia, 8 February 2006
  • 'Photography, Nationness and Narrative'.
    Paper presented at the conference Multimodal Texts: Engaging Sign Systems. University of Portsmouth, 21-22 October 2005
  • 'Material Resistance: Practices of Writing and Reading (in) an Occupied Nation.'
    Paper presented at the conference Material Cultures and the Creation of Knowledge, University of Edinburgh, 22-24 July 2005
  • 'The Tale-End of History: Historiography, Literary Form, and the Danish (Post)national Imagination.'
    Paper presented at the symposium Discourse, Identity and Politics in Europe, University College London, 16 April 200
  • ‘A Land of Machines: Technology and Otherness in Some Tales by H C Andersen.'
    Paper presented at the symposium Connecting Cultures. The International Hans Christian Andersen. University of Edinburgh, 11-12 March 2005
  • ‘Out of Intertext: Mappings and Memories in the Fiction of Karen Blixen and Peter Høeg’, UCL/SOAS AHRB Centre for Asian and African Literatures.
    School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, 21 February 2005
  • ‘The Most Photographed Town Hall in Ulfborg-Vemb: Fabrications of Space, Sovereignty and Narrative in a Small Nation’,UCL Mellon Seminar Series: Identities and Culture in Europe.
    UCL, October 2004
  • 'Fra fællesskab til fælles rum: Andethed betragtet som et rumligt problem i 1990ernes Danmarkshistorier’ [From community to common space: otherness as a spatial problem in Danish historiographical novels of the 1990s]. Plenary lecture, Andethedsforestillinger i moderne nordisk litteratur [Representations of otherness in contemporary Nordic literature]
    University of Vilnius, Lithuania, November 2003
  • ‘ “She Who Hangs Out in Cemeteries”: A Heterotopology of the Buffyverse’, Blood, Text and Fears. Reading Around Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    UEA, October 2002
  • ‘Blethers and Clypes: Can Scots Translate Heteroglossia?’, British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School
    Girton College, Cambridge, July 2002
  • ‘ Fishwives and Schoolboys: Danish History Told From the Margins’, Gender, Power, Text. Scandinavian Culture in the Twentieth Century
    UCL, June 2002
  • Stille eksistenser: Silence, Language and Landscape in Grønfeldt, Greig and Warner’,Centring on the Peripheries
    University of Edinburgh, March 2002
  • ‘Jarring Witnesses: Translating Danish History’, European Studies Research Institute
    University of Salford, March 2002
  • ‘ “Otherside”: Morvern Callar in Danish and Swedish Translation’, British Centre for Literary Translation Research Seminar
    December 2001
  • ‘Re-cycling the Century: Baudrillard's L'Illusion de la fin and Høeg's Forestilling om det tyvende århundrede’, UK Nordic Literature Group,
    UEA, November 2001
  • ‘Absolute Space: Mapping and Memory in Fridriksson’s Cold Fever and August’s Smilla's Feeling for Snow’, Film and TV Studies Research Seminar
    UEA, October 2001
  • ‘City and World in the novels of Peter Høeg and Peer Hultberg’, UK Nordic Literature Group
    UCL, March 1999
  • ‘Danish Literature: Still Out in the Cold? Miss Smilla as a Foreignising Translation’, Beyond Boundaries II: New Europe - Pan-Europe? European Studies Research Institute
    University of Salford, February 1999

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