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For up to date Term 2 Timetable Information please visit the UCL Online Timetable.

Also, you can download our Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering undergraduate student handbooks.

Degree Programmes

BSc Physics with Medical Physics
MSci Medical Physics
BEng and MEng in Engineering (Biomedical)
Intercalated BSc in Medical Physics
Natural sciences
Medical Physics options for students from other departments


Year 1

MPHY101P Cardiac Engineering (Term 1)
MPHY1001 Introduction to Medical Imaging (Term 2)
MPHY102P Materials and Mechanics (Term 2)

Year 2
MPHY2001 Physics of the Human Body (Term 2)
MPHY2002 Introduction to Biophysics (Term 2)

Year 3
MPHY3000 Medical Physics Project (Terms 1 & 2)
MPHY3012 Physiological Monitoring (Term 1)
MPHY3013 Medical Electronic and Neural Engineering (Term 2)
MPHY3886 Optics in Medicine (Term 1)
MPHY3890 Medical Imaging with Ionising Radiation (Term 2)
MPHY3891 Medical Imaging with Non-Ionising Radiation (Term 2)
MPHY3892 Treatment using Ionising Radiation (Term 1)
MPHY3893 Mathematical Methods in Medical Physics (Term 1)
MPHY3B21: Aspects of Bioengineering (Term 2)
MPHY3B22: Applications of Bioengineering (Term 1)
MPHY3B27: Computing in Medicine (Term 1)

Year 4 (M-level)
MPHYM000 Medical Physics Project (Terms 1&2)
MPHYM012 Physiological Monitoring (Term 1)
MPHYM013 Medical Electronics and Neural Engineering (Term 2)
MPHYM886 Optics in Medicine (Term 1)
MPHYM890 Medical Imaging with Ionising Radiation (Term 2)
MPHYM891 Medical Imaging with Non-Ionising Radiation (Term 2)
MPHYM892 Treatment using Ionising Radiation (Term 1)
MPHYMB21: Aspects of Bioengineering (Term 2)
MPHYMB22: Applications of Bioengineering (Term 1)
MPHYMB27: Computing in Medicine (Term 1)

Course information

Term dates
Past exam papers - Bound copies of older papers are held in the UCL libraries - but we recommend you don't use these as courses change over time.
Medical Physics Undergraduate Student Handbook
Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Student Handbook
The Sidney Russ Prize for most outstanding final-year undergraduate
The John Clifton Prize for most outstanding non-final year undergraduate

Frequently asked questions

For queries about computer access, lockers, etc., please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Undergraduate students may also find answers to their questions in the departmental undergraduate student handbooks (see links above).