Marta Varela

Research Associate



I am currently working on the development of non-invasive techniques to image the neonatal brain using diffuse optical imaging (further information).

For my PhD I developed novel techniques to measure cerebral blood flow (cerebral perfusion) in neonates using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (thesis).


PhD in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics, Imperial College London (2011)

Licenciatura (MSc) in Physics, Technical University of Lisbon (2006)

Publications & Selected Conference Proceedings

Varela M, Groves AM, Arichi T, Hajnal JV, Mean Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements using Phase Contrast MRI in the First Year of Life, NMR in Biomed 2012, DOI:10.1002/nbm.2771 (link)

Varela M, Hajnal JV, Petersen ET, Golay X, Merchant N, Larkman DJ, A Method for Rapid in Vivo Measurement of Blood T1, NMR in Biomed 2011, 24: 80-88 (link)

Hebden JC, Varela M, Magazov S, Everdell N, Gibson A, Meek J, Austin T, Diffuse Optical Imaging of the Newborn Infant Brain, ISBI 2012, Barcelona, Spain

Taoka T, Varela M, Sakamoto M, Akashi T, Miyasaka T, Ochi T, Wada T, Kichikawa K, Evaluation of perfusion following STA-MCA bypass surgery using multi-TI arterial spin labeling, 39th Japanese SMRM, 2011, Kokura, Japan

Varela M, Groves AM, Hajnal JV, Cerebral Blood Flow Measurements in Neonates Using a Non-Invasive MRI Technique, Pediatrics Annual Conference, 2010, Vancouver, Canada

Varela M, Hajnal, JV, Groves AM, Larkman DJ, Global CBF using PC-MRI: comparison with ASL and preliminary data in neonates, 15th Brit Chap ISMRM, 2009, Cardiff, UK

Varela M, Hajnal JV, Petersen ET, Golay X, Larkman DJ, Rapid Blood T1 Calibration for Arterial Spin Labelling, 16th Scientific Meeting of the ISMRM, 2008, Toronto, Canada


Room 3.18
Dept. Medical Physics and Bioengineering
Malet Place Engineering Building
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

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I run the Amnesty International St John's Wood and Camden local group.