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Please note that access to most of these articles depends on where you log in from. These should all be accessible from UCL computers. If you can't get access, try searching Google Scholar for copies stored elsewhere. 

Writing your thesis and other scientific articles

Please let me know if you find these useful, or point me towards other links. Not all the hints on these pages are applicable to the UK, and not all are applicable to all subjects. All are worth a read, however.

The following links look in a more detailed way about how to write:

Introduction to Medical Imaging (MPHY1882)

General medical imaging





Nuclear Medicine

Impedance imaging

Optical imaging

EEG and MEG source localisation

Radiotherapy (MPHY3892)


  • E B Podgorsak (2005) Radiation oncology physics IAEA

Clinical background

  • R P Symonds (2001) Recent advances: Radiotherapy BMJ 323 p1107-1110
  • N G Burnet, R J Benson, M V Williams and J H Peacock (2000) Improving cancer outcomes through radiotherapy BMJ 320 p198-199


External beam therapy

  • M McJury, M Oldham, V P Cosgrove, P S Murphy, S Doran, M O Leach and S Webb (2000) Radiation dosimetry using polymer gels: methods and applications Brit. J. Radiol. 73 p919-929

New advances in radiotherapy