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Main contacts

Academic Head of Department Prof Jem Hebden
Deputy Academic Head of Department Prof Robert Speller
UCL Trust Head of Department Prof Peter Marsden
Director of Studies, Undergraduate Tutor
Prof Alessandro Olivo
Physics Programme Tutor
Dr Ben Cox
Engineering Programme Tutor
Dr Adam Gibson
Physics Admissions Tutor Dr Karin Shmueli
Engineering Admissions Tutor
Dr Terence Leung
Intercalated Tutor Prof Clare Elwell
Natural Sciences Tutor Dr Adrien Desjardins
Graduate Tutor (PhD) Prof Gary Royle
Graduate Tutor (MSc) Dr Martin Fry
Advisor to Women Students Dr Jenny Griffiths

Group Heads

Academic Radiation Physics Prof Robert Speller
Administration Mr Andy O'Reilly
Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory (BORL) Prof Jem Hebden
Clinical Engineering (UCLH Trust) David Cook
Continence and Skin Technology Group Prof Alan Cottenden
Electrical Impedance Tomography Prof David Holder
Implanted Devices Group Prof Nick Donaldson
Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) Prof David Hawkes
Interventional Devices Dr Adrien Desjardins
Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Spectroscopy Dr Karin Shmueli
Quantitative Medical Imaging Prof Andrew Todd-Pokropek
Radiation Protection (UCLH Trust) Prof Peter Marsden
Scientific Computing & Instrumentation (UCLH Trust) Dr Paul Ganney
Workshop (UCLH Trust) Denzil Booth
Departmental Safety Officer (UCL) Dr Joe Evans
Departmental Safety Officer (UCLH Trust) Denzil Booth