Staff and Students

Main Contacts

Academic Head of Department Prof Jem Hebden
Deputy Academic Head of Department Prof Robert Speller
UCL Trust Head of Department Prof Peter Marsden
Director of Studies, Undergraduate Tutor
Prof Alessandro Olivo
Physics Programme Tutor
Dr Ben Cox
Engineering Programme Tutor
Dr Adam Gibson
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor - Medical Physics Dr Karin Shmueli
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor - Biomedical Engineering
Dr Terence Leung
Intercalated Tutor Prof Clare Elwell
Natural Sciences Tutor Dr Adrien Desjardins
Graduate Tutor (PhD) Prof Gary Royle
Graduate Tutor (MSc) Dr Martin Fry
Advisor to Women Students Dr Jenny Griffiths

Academic Staff


Administrative and Technical Staff

Departmental Administrator
Karen Cardy x30250
Teaching Administrator
Mohini Nair x30253
Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator
 Jo Pearson  x32548
Research Support
Lucy Braddick x30251
Executive Assistant to the HOD and HR Staffing Officer
Andy O'Reilly x30252
Computer Support
Dennis Tsang x30301
Vikki Crowe x30200
Joe Evans x30295

PhD students

Chukwuneke Abuchi
Munir Ahmad
Reem Ahmad
Tavga Ali
Max Allan
Mansour Almurayshid
Khalid Aloufi
Jailan Alshaikhi
Lu An
Abigail Andrews
James Annkah
Dorothy Aquilina
Vasileios Asimakopoulos
James Avery
Essam Banoqitah
Dario Basta
Mark Borg
Felix Bragman
Sophie Brand
Michael Brown
Jo Brunker
Ninon Burgos
Mark Callaghan
Isabel Christie
Christiana Christodoulou
Catarina Veiga
Pankaj Daga
Tugba Demiray
Angela Maria D'Esposito angela.d'
Emma Dixon
Paul Doolan
Luke Dunne
Zach Eaton-Rosen
Matthias Ehrhardt
Bjoern Eiben
James Fairney
Sabrina Falloon
Uran Ferizi
Ana Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco
Sara Ferreira Reis
Eoin Finnerty
Vinay Gangadharan
Walid Ghoggali
Anthony Ghosh
Alejandro Giacometti
Nir Goren
Mark Graham
Charlotte Hagen
Tom Hampshire
Valentin Hamy
Tal Hart
Daniel Heanes
Yusuf Helo
Albert Hoang Duc
Roman Hochuli
Holly Holmes
Michael Hutel
Andrada Ianus
Laurence Jackson
Yassir Jafar
Markus Jehl
Aaron Jerling
Francisco Jimenez Spang
Stian Johnsen
Gibril Kallon
Shahed Khan
Louise Kiru
Christian Klemt
Martin Kochan
Hwan Koo
Mohamed Koronfel
Vanessa La Rosa
Tong Long
Da Ma
Emma Malone
Richard Manber
Alexander Mendelson
Alex Menys
Thomas Millard
Syed Moinuddin
Arun Niranjan
James O'Callaghan
Ruth Oliver
Eliza Orasanu
Brett Packham
Christopher Parker
Runa Parveen
Niral Patel
Chris Payne
Stefano Pedemonte
Nicholas Powell
Samuel Powell
Alessandro Proverbio
Rajiv Ramasawmy
George Randall
Simon Richardson
Frank Riemer
James Robertson
Vasilis Rompokos
Matthew Rowe
Hasan Sari
Lebina Shrestha
Teedah Soonthornsaratoon
Mihaela Soric
Rocio Soto Astorga
Thomas Stahl
Carole Sudre
Sven Olaf Sund
Benjamin Tremoulheac
Benjamin Tremoulheac
Mustafa Tumen
Harikrishn Varu
Nikita Vassiljev
Thiago Viana Miranda Lima
Fabio Vittoria
Anna Vongerichten
Johann Wanek
Jonathan Young
Anna Zamir
Jiaying Zhang
Yi Zheng
Zhou Zhou
Yanan Zhu