How to make a homepage


All staff and PhD students have their own page, listed here. They all have a similar appearance, to give a unified and hopefully professional-looking departmental identity to visitors.

If you want to add more information, you can create a homepage, which you can design as you like, and link to it from your "official page".

This is not hard, but it's probably best to have read some documentation and have some experience of modifying your staff page or other pages before you create a new page.

Make a homepage

Your staff page sits in its own folder. You'll make your homepage in this folder. So start by navigating to your staff page. Click on the little cross at the bottom and after entering your UCL password, you'll be taken to the folder listing. You staff page is the index for this folder.  If you have a problem it may be due to permissions. Please email Adam with your UCL username.

You can create a new page by clicking on "new" underneath you name in << >> brackets. Select "Silva Document". Give a short lower case id (something like "homepage" or "bob"), and a longer title (e.g. "Bob's Homepage"). Click on "save + enter".

You're now in the editor which you should have used before, with the title added at the top. Add some text. For now, it's probably best to stick with the same formatting as the Departmental site so keep the title at the top and label text as "plain", "heading", "sub", or use bold.

You can add links and images. Keep clicking "save". 

Save and publish your homepage

When you're happy, click save again and then click "public preview". This lets you see the page as it will be when you're published. Return to the editor by clicking the arrow icon at the top right. If you want to make further changes, do so. Once you're happy, click on "publish now". For the time being, the permissions are set so that any changes need to be authenticated before they go live on the website. That should be done within a day.

If you want to make further changes after your page has been published, remember to create a new version.

Link to your staff page

Finally, return to your staff page and link to your new page. At the bottom, under "Personal Details", you may find a homepage link already - that links to an existing page. If not, type a label like "homepage", "research details" or whatever you want to refer to your new page as, and create a link to your new page. When you click on "get link reference", you should see your new page there for you to select.

If you have any questions, please see UCL's guide and if you're still stuck, ask Adam.