UCL Radiation Physics Group

This website contains an overview of the research activities, facilities and personnel of the group. The group's major research interests fall into two main areas:

  • The analysis of scattered x-rays to examine materials or biological tissues.
  • The development of new detectors and systems for medical or industrial imaging.

For further information, please visit our Research pages.

The group often has PhD places available in these research subjects. Prospective PhD students can contact us via email.

The group is also responsible for the organisation of the department run M.Sc. courses. Several M.Sc. courses are available, and more details can be found on the department M.Sc. course pages



New Imaging Techniques

New Detector Developments



A novel x-ray phase contrast imaging technique based on coded apertures was recently developed by our group. This technique removes most limitations of previous phase contrast methods and provides image improvements comparable to those obtained with synchrotron radiation with conventional x-ray sources.

Learn more about Radiation Physics Group's innovations:

[download X-ray phase contrast imaging video clip (44.1 MB)]