Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group

Group Leader and Principal Investigator: Dr Karin Shmueli

About Us

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) group is interested in developing MRI techniques to increase image contrast and resolution by exploiting new contrast mechanisms. The current goal of our research programme is to characterise frequency and susceptibility contrasts and to develop and translate MRI techniques exploiting these mechanisms to improve disease diagnosis and monitoring of therapies.

Conventional MRI uses only the signal magnitude, but utilising the frequency (or phase) of the MRI signal has dramatically improved visualisation of tissue structure and can reveal tissue composition. During her previous post at the USA National Institutes of Health, Dr Shmueli developed new methods to calculate tissue magnetic susceptibility maps from MRI frequency images. MRI tissue Susceptibility Mapping is an exciting technique and a rapidly growing research area. Together with our collaborators, we now aim to unlock the potential of these MRI frequency and susceptibility methods to generate clinical MRI biomarkers of disease.


Photo of UCL Dept of Med Phys & Biomed Eng MRI Group November 2014

Principal Investigator: Dr. Karin Shmueli

PhD Students:

         Emma Biondetti

         Emma Dixon

         Anita Karsa


August 2016 - Institute of Physics Medical Physics Group MSc Dissertation Prize

Congratulations to Rosie Goodburn who has won the IoP’s Medical Physics Group Prize for her MSc project entitled Characterising and Modelling Susceptibility Artifacts in Mouse Brain MRI at 9.4 Tesla

May 2016 - ISMRM Electromagnetic Tissue Properties Study Group Prize

Congratulations to Emma Biondetti who was awarded second prize for her Rapid Highlights presentation of her work on Application of Laplacian-based Methods to Multi-Echo Phase Data for Accurate Susceptibility Mapping in the Electromagnetic Tissue Properties Study Group session at ISMRM 2016 in Singapore

April 2016 - New Paper on Lipids as a Source of MRI Frequency Shifts

Dr Karin Shmueli published her research on Investigating lipids as a source of chemical exchange-induced MRI frequency shifts in NMR in Biomedicine

March 2016 - UCL Doctoral School Research Poster Competition 

Congratulations to Anita Karsa who was awarded a Runner-up prize in the UCL Doctoral School Research Poster Competition for her poster on Optimising MRI Acquisition for Clinically Applicable Magnetic Susceptibility Mapping


Past MSc project students:

Rosie Goodburn - Oct 2014-Aug 2015

Rosie had an e-poster entitled "Characterising and Modelling Susceptibility
Artifacts in the Mouse Brain at 9.4 T
" at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the ISMRM in Singapore

James Breen-Norris - Oct 2013-Aug 2014

James won the 2014 IPEM Prize for the best MSc project in the Department

Tom Durnall - Oct 2012-Aug 2013

Alim Yucel-Finn - Oct 2012-Aug 2013

Past undergraduate project and summer students:

David Adams - Oct 2015-April 2016

James Kerrison - Oct 2014 - April 2015

Esther Uwannah - Jun 2014 - April 2015

Esther won the UCL Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme bursary and runner-up prize

Adam Tyson - Sept 2012-May 2013

Amy Johnson - Jun-Aug 2012

Amy was awarded a Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary