Available PhD Studentships

There are currently no vacancies in the Continence and Skin Technology Group (CSTG). If you are interested in applying for a PhD in the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering at UCL, please go to the departmental homepage for more options. If you are specifically interested in doing research with the CSTG, you may continue to check these web pages regularly for vacancies. However, most of our vacancies open between October and March of each academic year, so we advise that you look mainly during that period.

When a studentship does become available in the CSTG, the details will be published on this page. Applicants are usually expected to send a copy of their CV, 2 reference letters and a cover letter to the e-mail address provided. Any potential applicants who are unsure about whether or not to apply are encouraged to call the member of staff advertising the PhD to discuss it informally. If you apply, the next step is usually to attend an interview - this is both for the member of staff to assess your suitability for the studentship and for you to decide whether you would still be happy to do the studentship.