Public Engagement



In April 2009, Prof Elwell took part in a BBC Horizon programme called Alan and Marcus go forth and multiply, where she used near infrared spectroscopy to see how a mathematician (Marcus de Sautoy) and a non-mathematician (Alan Davies) process maths problems.

In December 2005, the EPSRC sent out a press release based on our brain imaging work which led to live interviews on BBC News 24 and BBC Radio Wiltshire, and articles in the Observer and various websites including BBC News.

We also have a presence on UCL's iTunes channel:

Talks to schools and other public groups

Members of BORL frequently speak to school groups and other public groups. Here, for example, is a list of talks which Prof Elwell has given.

Displays and exhibitions


In Summer 2006, we had a major exhibition called "Shedding Light on the Human Body" at the Royal Society's summer science exhibition. Here's a factsheet.

We have also had an exhibition at the Science Museum, and at Showcase Science, a conference for sixth-form students.

We have had other presentations and exhibits at the BA Festival of Science, Parliament, and other events.

Teaching materials

We have produced a set of teaching materials which can be used to teach medical physics to GCSE level in schools. Every school in the UK has been sent a pack containing three Powerpoint lessons, a workbook and other material. It is free to download.

We also helped to develop Jeffrey's story, the story of a teenager undergoing various medical imaging procedures to diagnose and treat a heart condition.