Group Leader & Professor of Medical Physics
Clare Elwell 44-20-7679-0270 celwell AT
Consultant and Honorary Professor in Neurocritical Care
Martin Smith 44-20-7829-8711 martin.smith AT
Wellcome Trust Fellow and Head of Multimodal Spectroscopy Group
Ilias Tachtsidis 44-20-7679-0269 iliastac AT
EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow and Head of Acousto-Optic Group
Terence Leung 44-20-7679-0272 tsl AT
Research Fellows
Christina Kolyva 44-20-7679-0277 ckolyva AT
Maria Papademetriou 44-20-7679-2482 mpapa AT
Beth Jelfs 44-20-7679-0278 bjelfs AT
Murad Banaji   mbanaji AT
Clinical Research Fellows
Arnab Ghosh   arnab.ghosh AT
David Highton   dave AT
Previous Members of NIRS
Anna Blasi 44-20-7848-0942 anna.blasi AT
Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths   j.panovska-griffiths AT
External Academic Collaborators
Prof. Chris Cooper 44-12-0687-2752 ccooper AT
Dr. Stephen Payne 44-18-6527-2727 stephen.payne AT
Prof. Mark Johnson 44-20-7631-6226 mark.johnson AT
Sarah Lloyd-Fox 44-20-7631-6327 AT
Dr. Daniel Leff   d.leff AT