Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


MPHY0023: Materials and Engineering for Orthopaedic Devices

Module Leader: Dr Julian Henty

15 credits

Term 2

The purpose of this module is to describe the problems presented in orthopaedics from an engineering and materials perspective, and discuss available solutions and current research.

Available to students from MEng Biomedical Engineering and MSc Physics and Engineering in Medicine: Biomedical and Medical Imaging (students must have a background in Mechanical Engineering and/or Biomechanics).

Aims & Objectives

•    To be familiar with orthopaedic treatments for various diseases.
•    To be able to describe the properties of bone and biomaterials.
•    To be able to describe in detail biocompatibility and tissue engineering (in the context of orthopaedics).
•    To understand in detail the problems associated with hip implants and the research associated with this.
•    To have an understanding of biomechanical aspects of the hip and knee joints.
•    To be familiar with a number of lower limb orthotic and prosthetic devices.
•    To be able to describe the purpose and principles of gait analysis.
•    To be familiar with medical device regulations associated with orthopaedic medical device


  • Three Hour Unseen Written Examination (80%)
  • 2000 word coursework assignment (20%)