Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


MPHYGB06: Information Processing in Medical Imaging

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Coursework and Examination

Dr. Marc Modat

Aims and Objectives

The module concentrates on deriving information from medical imaging data with an emphasis on software.

Brief Syllabus

The essence of medical image computing is to derive information from medical images for clinical diagnosis, therapy or to improve our understanding of function and disease. This module focusses on algorithms and software for obtaining this information. The module is provided by members of the Centre for Medical Image Computing and is also offered as an option for students on the MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging. Topics include:

  • Introduction: medical imaging modalities, clinical challenges, statistics relating to medical imaging (t-tests, Bland Altman,  sensitivity and specificity, ROC), clinical trials.
  • Image registration: rigid, non-rigid, fluid, free-form deformation, registration theory and practice.
  • Image segmentation and classification. Statistical shape model, k-means, principal component analysis.
  • Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM): neuroimaging practical.
  • Insight Toolkit (ITK): CMake, ITK.
  • High Performance Computing: Graphics cards (GPUs) and the NVidia CUDA language.


Coursework based on SPM and ITK, also a written examination.