Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


MPHY0022: Research Computing With C++

Course Information

Course Credits
Course Organiser
Matt Clarkson/James Hetherington

Aims and Objectives

In this course, we build on your knowledge of C++ to enable you to work on complex numerical codes for research. Research software needs to handle complex mathematics quickly, so the course focuses on writing software to exploit the capabilities of modern supercomputers, accelerator chips, and cloud computing facilities. But research software is also very complicated, so the course also focuses on techniques which will enable you to build software which is easy for colleagues to understand and adapt.

Brief Syllabus

The syllabus is available on-line here.


The course is assessed via 2 pieces of coursework and a written 3 hour exam. Approximate dates are:

Coursework 1: Due 3rd week of March.

Coursework 2: Due last week of April

Exam: April/May