Potential Sources of Funding

The unique thing about MPD is that the ones at the top positions are surprisingly very humble, helpful and specially friendly. I joyfully encourage prospective international students to avail themselves the opportunity to be part of this great Department and UCL.
  - Sid A., PhD student  

UCL is a global university located in the world-class city of London. The sights and sounds of this grand city are numerous and wondrous, but it also can be an expensive place to live.

You should make sure that you have sufficient funds to support yourself through the entirety of your studies. The International Office has more details on fees and visas.

Much of the available funding for postgraduate research at the PhD level is restricted to UK/EEC students. However, there are some options available to international students as well. 

UCL scholarships for international students

UCL maintains a list of scholarships that are available to prospective students here. Please check that you meet all qualification requirements before applying.

Many of the scholarships are very competitive. However, the rewards of a successful application can be great (for example, the Overseas Research Scholarship provides full-tuition at the overseas rate), so often it is worthwhile to apply.

Funding from your home country

Scholarships, loans and other sources of funding may be available from your home country. 

For example, US students may be able to obtain research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) or the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Your home country also may provide scholarships to promote study based on research, gender or ethnicity. Please check with your home government to find out more.

Part-time work in London

Depending on the specific student visa you are able to obtain, you may qualify to work legally part-time. 

Your supervisor may be able to provide you with job opportunities within the department.

Also, the UCL Student Union maintains a list of part-time jobs available to students in London at the UCLU JobShop.

However, if possible, it is best to secure all necessary funding before starting your course in London, as studying full-time as a student can be challenging enough without the distractions of part-time work.

Good luck and good hunting!