Sabrina Falloon

PhD Student

Sabrina Falloon


Continence and Skin Technology Group

Room 105a

First floor, Wolfson House

2-10 Stephenson Way



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Research interests

My background is in Medical Engineering, in which I did an Undergraduate Masters Degree at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL). In my third year of the degree, I did an individual project on wear rates of various hip prosthesis coatings. In my fourth and final year at QMUL, I took part in a group project (with four of my peers) in which we characterised a novel silk meniscal prosthesis and designed a new mould for it accordingly. However, it was during my final year, studying Bioengineering in Urology as one of my course units, that I developed a particular interest in continence management. Professor Alan Cottenden had come to QMUL as a guest lecturer in that subject, and as I found out later on, was in fact advertising two PhD studentship posts!

I have now started a studentship, part funded by SCA, continuing on from David Cottenden’s work on friction mechanisms between skin and nonwoven fabrics. I plan to further develop the existing validated model and friction experiments with a range of nonwoven fabrics against a skin surrogate, and hydrated and dry skin, as well as looking at contact behaviour. The ultimate aim is to improve understanding of the friction mechanisms at play between skin (wet and dry) and nonwoven fabrics, so that continence products (and similar) can be improved to be “kinder to the skin”.