Mihaela Soric

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Mihaela Soric


Continence and Skin Technology Group

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First floor, Wolfson House

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I graduated from “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania, Faculty of Physics, Division of Biophysics in 2007. During this 4-year period I studied inter-disciplinary subjects related to Physics, Biology and Biomedical sciences in general. My 4th year degree research paper "The analysis of the absorption - adsorption processes at the interface between polymers and proteins” sparked my interest in polymers and medical applications; this work concluded with the publication of the article "Immobilisation of macromolecular compounds on polymer surfaces by plasma treatments" (FTEM, May 2007, Vol. 1, 161-165).

Due to my passion for science I came to the UK to continue my studies in the field of biomedical sciences. In October 2009 I successfully completed an MSc in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at University College London which opened new horizons in the domain of polymeric drug delivery. My dissertation studies have been accepted for publication (“Nanoparticle delivery systems formed using electrically sprayed co-flowing excipients and active agent”, Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, June 2011).

In 2010 I met Professor Alan Cottenden and an interesting project began. I’m currently working under his supervision as a PhD student in measuring and modelling the interaction between superabsorbent polymers and fluids. This project is expected to lead to an improved understanding of the exact mechanisms of interaction inside an incontinence pad or a diaper, as this is an extremely complex task with many parameters involved. The ultimate aim of this study is to be able to provide the parameters needed for the modelling, and to use these to produce an accurate, quantitative prediction of the absorbent core behaviour.