How It Works

Course structure

For an MSc, students are required to successfully complete seven taught modules and a research project. Six taught modules have a value of 15 credits, one has a value of 30 credits and the project has a value of 60 credits.

Students not wishing to complete a research project can register for a diploma. Also, each module can be individually studied, for which a certificate will be given on successful completion.

Credits can be built up over a period of up to 5 years.

Delivery Method

Study material, including downloadable lecture podcasts, interactive tools and conventional lecture notes, will be available to students via Moodle, UCL’s virtual learning environment (VLE). The material is arranged in modules – each structured to lead the student through the course in a logical manner.

Students will be assigned a UCL academic tutor who they will be in contact with through regular contact sessions. Students are also required to interact with one another through subject forums within the VLE to create an online study group.

Research Project

Students are required to complete a research project and submit a dissertation of up to 10,000 words. This accounts for a third of the overall course mark. Students will be assigned a UCL project and will be required to find a suitable local supervisor for their project.


The lecture material will be assessed through a mixture of written examinations and coursework. Exams will be taken at UCL approved locations around the world. Oral assessment will take place via Skype or a similar mechanism. Coursework will be submitted via the VLE.

Technology requirements

You will need access to a computer and internet connection.

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