COMPGV12: Image Processing

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 1
Assessment Coursework and written examination
Course Organiser
Niloy Mitra

Aims and Objectives

This module is provided by the Computer Science Department (COMPGV12)

Brief Syllabus

This module is provided by the Computer Science Department (COMPGV12) and shared with students on the MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging. The module is delivered as a series of lectures with supporting practical sessions.

The first half of this course introduces the digital image, describes the main characteristics of monochrome digital images, how they are represented and how they differ from graphics objects. It covers basic algorithms for image manipulation, characterisation, segmentation and feature extraction in direct space. The second half of the course proceeds to a more formal treatment of image filtering with some indication of the role and implications of Fourier space, and more advanced characterisation and feature detection techniques such as edge and corner detection, together with multiresolution methods, treatment of colour images and template matching techniques. The course provides the orportunity for students to explore a range of practical techniques, by developing their own simple processing functions either in a language such as Java and/or by using library facilities and tools such as MatLab or IDL. NOTE. This is a core course for the MSc VIVE programme, and is an option course for the MSc and MRes VEIV.


coursework and examination.