Welcome to the alumni section of the UCL Department of Medical Physics & Bioengineering website. We are very keen to hear from our former students and staff, and to keep them informed on the latest news about our research and teaching activities.

Our 2013 Newsletter highlights some of the new and exciting research activity in the department, and includes various news items about the department which we hope will be of particular interest to former students and staff. We include reports on recent research including photoacoustic imaging and MRI, novel applications of x-ray imaging and radiotherapy, and an article from our new Biomedical Ultrasound Group.
We also have a piece written by one of our undergraduate students, as an example of the type of student project we can offer. We are particularly pleased to include articles from our colleagues from Medical Physics and Bioengineering, and Radiotherapy Physics in UCLH.

Best wishes,
Jem Hebden
Head of Department

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