Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Adam Gibson

Professor of Medical Physics


My group’s main research is based around solving imaging problems by intelligent use of multimodal data. This is divided between four themes:

· Optical imaging: My main research area is in developing optical tomography for breast cancer and functional brain imaging of adults and children in a long-term collaboration with Addenbrookes Hospital.

· Radiotherapy: I am applying multimodality imaging techniques to radiotherapy, particularly as part of UCLH’s new Proton Therapy Centre.

· Multispectral imaging of historical manuscripts: I am extending multimodality medical imaging techniques to recovering lost text in historical documents with the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. See, for example, the Deep Imaging project and recent BBC coverage.

· Education: I am building up a research portfolio in assessing education interventions in engineering. See also our teaching blog.

These themes build upon my previous research, which led to the first 3D electrical impedance images of adult brain function and the first 3D optical tomography images of the neonatal head.

Departmental Responsibilities

2013-17 Programme Tutor for BEng/MEng Engineering (Biomedical)
2012- Chair of Departmental Research Committee
2012- Creator and editor of Departmental Newsletter and Open Day
2011- Lecturer on MPHY101PMPHY2001MPHY3892
Creator and editor of Departmental Website and Museum