Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering


Academic Staff


Profile Name & Role  Contact Details Research Areas
Andre Altmann

Dr Andre Altmann

MRC Senior Fellow

  • neuroimaging
  • molecular genetics
  • computational biology
  • machine learning
Frederik Barkhof

Prof Frederik Barkhof

Chair of Neuroscience

  • CNS disorders including Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis
  • emphasis on novel imaging approaches to diagnose and prognosticate patients
  • understanding disease mechanisms and their modification by treatment
Dean Barratt

Dr Dean Barratt

Reader in Medical Image Computing

Paul Beard

Prof Paul Beard

Professor of Biomedical Photoacoustics

0207 679 0290
  • photoacoustic imaging and spectroscopy for biomedical applications
  • optical measurement of ultrasound
Christos Bergeles

Dr Christos Bergeles


Sergio Bertazzo

Dr Sergio Bertazzo



Mineralomics, specifically:

  • Pathological calcification 
  • Biomineralization
  • Bio-imaging
  • Palaeontology
Matt Clarkson

Dr Matt Clarkson



I have a particular interest in:

  • Image guided surgery
  • Image registration
  • Computer graphics and visualisation
  • Software architecture and design 
  • The engineering of large and complex software systems
Rob Cooper Dr Robert Cooper
EPSRC Early Career Fellow
robert.cooper@ucl.ac.uk Portable neuroimaging and neuromonitoring technologies, particularly fNIRS, DOT and EEG and their application to neuropathology in the infant. Recently I have developed a particular interest in the development of the motor system and disorders of movement.
Alan Cottenden

Prof Alan Cottenden

Professor of Incontinence Technology

For the last 30 years my research has focused on technology for managing intractable incontinence. A key characteristic of the research group is that, through a combination of our own expertise and that of numerous collaborators in the academic, clinical and industry worlds, we have been able to tackle a broad diversity of multi-disciplinary projects.
Ben Cox

Dr Benjamin Cox

Senior Lecturer


My interests are mostly in various areas of acoustics, including:

  • Photoacoustic imaging, particularly inverse problems including quantitative photoacoustic imaging (and therefore light transport in tissue)
  • Wave modelling using spectral and k-space methods (www.k-wave.org)
  • Ultrasonic absorption
  • Ultrasound detection
  • Nonlinear ultrasound
  • Biomedical ultrasound
  • Architectural acoustics
Adrien Desjardins

Dr Adrien Desjardins

Senior Lecturer

0207 679 0300
I am a Biophysicist and Biomedical Engineer with expertise in medical imaging and minimally invasive devices, and multidisciplinary research interests at the intersection of physics, engineering, and medicine.
Nick Donaldson

Prof Nicholas Donaldson

Professor of Neuroprosthesis Engineering

0207 679 0265

The following topics have been or are part of my research portfolio:

  • Electronic Design of Implanted Stimulators, Nerve Recording Devices and Systems
  • Instrumented orthopaedic implants
  • Velocity-selective Recording: obtaining more information from natural nerve traffic
  • Control of the body after spinal cord injury by natural and artificial means
  • Material science of implant materials 
  • Use of Functional Electrical Stimulation for fitness after spinal cord injury
  • Artificial control of the urinary bladder after spinal cord injury
  • Design of connectors and wiring for implanted devices
  • Nerve interfaces for control of prosthetic limbs
Lynsey Duffell

Dr Lynsey Duffell


l.duffell@ucl.ac.uk My current research focuses on applying neuromodulatory therapies to humans with SCI and combining them with more traditional activity-based therapies to promote recovery of function. 
Clare Elwell

Prof Clare Elwell

Professor of Medical Physics

0207 679 0270
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Instrumentation Development
  • Monitoring Brain Injury In Adults, Children And Neonates
  • Functional Activation Studies In Adults
  • Functional Activation Studies in Typically and Atypically Developing Infants
  • Brain Imaging for Global Health
  • Mathematical Modelling Of Cerebral Circulation and Metabolism
Marco Endrizzi

Dr Marco Endrizzi

Research Fellow

m.endrizzi@ucl.ac.uk 0207 679 4078 (x54078)  
Martin Fry

Dr Martin Fry


0207 679 0274
  • developing Medical Electronic Instrumentation
  • medical, teaching and environmental monitoring applications of small, low-cost, web-enabled microcontrollers for the implementation of web-controlled instrumentation
Pilar Garcia Souto Pilar Garcia Souto p.garciasouto@ucl.ac.uk My research focus is within educational research, seeking an improved method of peer assessment (360PA) in collaboration with the Institute of Education. I am also leading the IPAC Consortium with staff members across 35 departments; this consortium is seeking to improve the fairness of student assessment within a summative group activity by means of introducing an IPAC factor (Individual peer assessed Contribution). 
Adam Gibson

Prof Adam Gibson

Professor of Medical Physics

0207 679 0279

I currently develop methods for multimodality data and image analysis. My main research themes are in:

  • optical imaging
  • multimodality medical imaging 
  • radiotherapy 
  • imaging historical manuscripts
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Dr Charlotte Hagen charlotte.hagen.10@ucl.ac.uk  
David Hawkes

Prof David Hawkes

Professor of Computational Imaging Science

0207 679 0223
Fundamental research in medical image computing and transfer of advanced computational imaging technologies across the whole spectrum of patient management from screening to diagnosis, therapy planning, image guided interventions and treatment monitoring.
Jem Hebden

Prof Jem Hebden

Head of Department and Professor of Biomedical Optics

0207 679 0280
  • Optical imaging through turbulent and dense random media.
  • Time-of-flight measurement and imaging applications.
  • Development and application of Optical Tomography and Topography.
  • Medical and astronomical imaging methods and systems.
Derek Hill

Prof Derek Hill

Professor of Medical Imaging Science

0207 679 0320
Joy Hirsch

Prof Joy Hirsch

Professor of Neuroscience

David Holder

Prof David Holder

Professor of Medical Physics and Clinical Neurophysiology

0207 679 0225
My research focus involves the medical imaging method Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT), that I pioneered.
Terence Leung

Dr Terence Leung

Senior Lecturer

0207 679 0272
My main research involves the investigation of the interaction between light and sound, more specifically how acoustic waves influence the way light travels, a technique known as acousto-optics.
M Jorge Cardoso

Dr Manuel Machado Cardoso


Pavel Matousek

Dr Pavel Matousek

Visiting Professor

Jamie McClelland

Dr Jamie McClelland


Marc Modat

Dr Marc Modat


  • image registration
  • multi-modal
  • longitudinal
  • neuro-degenerative disease
  • dementia
Peter Modregger

Dr Peter Modregger 

Research Fellow

Peter Munro

Dr Peter Munro

Royal Society University Research Fellow

p.munro@ucl.ac.uk My principal expertise lies in the mathematical modelling of X-ray and optical imaging systems such as the edge-illumination X-ray phase imaging technique, optical coherence tomography and confocal microscopy. 
Sandro Olivo

Prof Sandro Olivo

Professor in Applied Physics

0207 679 2444
My current research is to a large extent based around the new method I invented to produce x-ray phase contrast images with conventional x-ray sources. 
Seb Ourselin

Prof Sebastien Ourselin

Professor of Medical Image Computing

I am currently Vice-Dean (Health) at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Director of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging, Head of the Translational Imaging Group within the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) and Head of Image Analysis at the Dementia Research Centre (DRC). 
Quentin Pankhurst

Quentin Pankhurst

Professor of Physics & Director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering

+44 (0)20 7670 2901
My research focuses on the use of magnetic nanoparticles in healthcare. Applications include a medical tool for breast cancer staging, a molecular imaging microscope for living cells, and the development of multifunctional nanoparticles for therapy and diagnostics.
Sam Powell

Dr Samuel Powell

RAEng Engineering for Development Fellow

Gary Royle

Prof Gary Royle

Professor of Medical Radiation Physics

0207 679 0262

Current research developments include:

  • development and evaluation of novel imaging and sensor systems for radiotherapy and proton therapy
  • cellular imaging of biopsy samples to define tumour margins and composition
  • development of novel detector devices for radiation protection 
Karin Shmueli

Dr Karin Shmueli


0207 679 0256
I am interested in developing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques to increase image contrast and resolution by exploiting new contrast mechanisms. The current goal of my research programme is to characterise frequency and susceptibility contrasts and to develop and translate MRI techniques exploiting these mechanisms to improve disease diagnosis and monitoring of therapies.
Robert Speller

Prof Robert Speller

Professor of Medical Physics

0207 679 0263
I am the Head of the Radiation Physics Group. My research interests cover scattered photon fields, novel sensors and detector systems and the development of imaging systems. The application areas are in medical diagnosis and treatment, security and industrial imaging.
Ilias Tachtsidis

Dr Ilias Tachtsidis

Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Reader in Biomedical Engineering

  • biomedical optics.
  • Near-infared Spectroscopy
  • multimodal brain imaging through combination of MR and NIRS.
  • development of time-resolved and broadband photonic systems to monitor the brain tissue.
  • monitoring brain functional activation with NIRS.
  • investigation of brain autoregulation using signal processing techniques.
  • development of mathematical models of brain physiology using a systems biology approach.
Brad Treeby Bradley Treeby b.treeby@ucl.ac.uk My research sits at the interface between physical acoustics, biomedical ultrasound, numerical methods, and high performance computing. In particular, I am interested in developing fast and accurate models of how ultrasound waves travel through the human body. 
Tracy Underwood

Dr Tracy Underwood

Marie Curie Fellow

t.underwood@ucl.ac.uk My research interest lies within proton therapy.
Vasileios Vavourakis

Dr Vasileios Vavourakis

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Tom Vercauteren

Dr Tom Vercauteren

Senior Lecturer

  • image-guided fetal surgery
  • medical image computing
  • image registration
  • video mosaicing
  • statistical signal processing
  • sequential Monte Carlo methods
Rebecca Yerworth Dr Rebecca Yerworth r.yerworth@ucl.ac.uk My research area is Electrical Impedance Tomography, and she is currently working on “Continuous Regional Analysis Device for neonate Lung” (CRADL), with colleges from across Europe.