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Wellcome Trust Strategic Award in Functional Neuromics

Published: Jul 27, 2015 11:56:12 AM

Improving Treatment for Systemic Amyloidosis

Published: Jul 20, 2015 3:05:08 PM

UCL/Rosetrees Interdisciplinary Symposium - 22nd October 2015

Published: Jul 15, 2015 4:18:43 PM


Institute of Nuclear Medicine Heads
UCL Head of Department
UCLH Clinical Head
UCL Academic Physics Head
Prof. Ashley Groves Prof. Jimmy Bomanji Prof. Brian Hutton
Prof. Ashley Groves
Dr. Jimmy Bomanji
Prof. Brian Hutton
Senior Lecturers
Kris Thielemans Francesco Fraioli Erik Arstad
Kris Thielemans, Ph. D
Dr. Francesco Fraioli
Erik Arstad, Ph. D
Medical Consultants and Clinical Physicists
 Consultant Radiologist
Consultant Radiologist Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Irfan Kayani Dr. Rizwan Syed Dr. Leon Menezes
Dr. Irfan Kayani
Dr. Rizwan Syed
Dr. Leon Menezes
Head of Clinical Physics
Physicist Physicist
Dr. Wendy Waddington no profile no profile
Ms. Wendy Waddington
Matthew Aldridge, Ph. D
Anna Barnes, Ph. D
Sofia Michopoulou no profile  
Sofia Michopoulou, Ph. D
John Dickson, Ph. D
Senior Research Fellow and Research Associate
Dr. Balaji Ganeshan Dr. Kjell Erlandsson Dr. Alexandre Bousse
Balaji Ganeshan, Ph. D
Kjell Erlandsson, Ph. D Alexandre Bousse, Ph. D
no profile no profile  
Vesna Cuplov, Ph. D
Maria Liljeroth, Ph. D
Clinical Senior Research Fellow and Research Associate
no profile no profile no profile
Dr. Deena Neriman
Dr. Simon Wan
Dr. Asim Afaq
Clinical Research Staff
Superintendent Radiographer
Research Radiographer
Deputy Superintendent Radiographer
no profile no profile Rayjanah Allie
Ms. Caroline Townsend
Mr. Raymond Endozo
Mrs. Rayjanah Allie
Radiographer, IT Manager
Senior Research Technologist
Research Radiographer
Shane Blanchflower Lynn Millner no profile
Mr. Shane Blanchflower
Ms. Lynn Millner
Ms. Gabrielle Azzopardi
Research Radiographer
Research Radiographer
Senior Research Nurse
no profile no profile Robert Shortman
 Mr. John Hoath
 Mrs. Sarah Formosa
Mr. Rob Shortman, Ph. D student
Support and Honorary Staff
Dr. Simona Ben-Haim Ken Miles Prof. Peters
Prof. Simona Ben-Haim Prof. Ken Miles Prof. Peters
Ph. D Students
Ottavia Bertolli no profile Beverley Holman
Ms. Ottavia Bertolli
 Ms. Sarah Cade  Ms. Beverley Holman
no profile Debora Salvado no profile
 Mr. Richard Manber
 Ms. Debora Salvado
 Mr. Hasan Sari
Administrative Staff
Department Administrator
UCLH Nuclear Medicine Clinic Manager
Mrs. Hansa Jadeja
Ms. Jennifer Williams