Medical physics

Medical Physics at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine

Medical Physics is the fundamental science underpinning all the imaging with in our department. Our Medical Physics group is central to supporting both our patient services and imaging research. The group ensures the safety of our patients and staff at all time. 

Wendy Waddington
Head of Clinical Physics
Brian Hutton
Head of Academic Physics

The vision is to be at the forefront of medical physics development in nuclear medicine Imaging.

Our medical physics group is the largest UK Nuclear Medicine physics group in the UK. It contributes to national and international professional and scientific communities. The team includes clinical and academic physicists including postgraduates, undergraduates and clinical scientist trainees. We have expertise in radiation protection, imaging equipment design and assessment, performance evaluation, protocol development, image reconstruction and processing. The group also contributes scientific, technical and regulatory support of key importance to our own expanding research programme and to our collaborators. 

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