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Major Grants from 1st August 2013

31 July 2014

  • £2,436,839 (Total award to UCL £8,875,955) MRC Medical Bio-Informatics, Prof David Lomas, “Data-driven discovery for personalised medicine”
  • £1,273,218 Wellcome Trust/Department of Health, Health Innovation Challenge Fund, Dr Alastair O’Brien, “ATTIRE: Albumin to prevent infection in chronic liver failure”
  • £1,127,761 Wellcome Trust Simon Walker-Samuel, Senior Research Fellowship 
  • £933,494 EPSRC Dr Tammy Kalber, Early Career Fellowship, “Generation of multi-model imaging mesenchymal stem cells”
  • £888,203 MRC. Anthony    Segal    Research Grant: “Identification and characterisation of casula molecules for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis”
  • £628,696 (£20,191 to DoM but UCL is lead) - FP7 – William Rosenberg – ‘FLUTCORE: Development of a universal vaccine based on tandem core technology’.
  • £577,127  BBSRC. Huiliang Li. Research Grant: Transgenic approaches to understanding astrocyte hetergeneity
  • £475,224.31 MRC. Richard Day. Research Grant: Improved Delivery and Function of Myoblasts via Soluble TIPS Microcarriers
  • £451,939 (total award to UCL £921,359) Cancer Research UK (via King’s College London).  Prof Mark Lythgoe, Prof Ashley Groves, Dr Shonit Punwani and Dr Erik Arstad, “Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Centre (CCIC 2)”
  • £417,119 NIHR.  Mrs Jackie McRae, Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, entitled “The development of a screening instrument for dysphagia following acute cervical spinal cord injury”
  • £368,549  E.U.   Claudia Mauri   FP7: ATHERO-B-CELL
  • £360,000  Rosetrees Trust.  Rachel Batterham,   Research Grant: “Link between obesity gene FTO and gut hormones”
  • £350,000 Replekfarm LLC.  Dr Slavica Tudzarova-Trajkovka, Senior Research Fellowship, entitled “Exploring the potential for collaborative research related to CDC7 kinase-targeting anti-cancer therapy”
  • £287,812 Wellcome Trust. Dr Laura Succony, Research Training Fellowship, entitled “Defining the role of Lrig1-dependent EGFR signalling pathway inhibition in airway homeostasis and lung cancer development”
  • £287,017 Janssen. Claudia Mauri. Collaborative Research Agreement
  • £286,308  BRC    Shonit    Punwani.  BRC Cancer Programme Funding
  • £286,000  Arthritis Research UK 4 yr Clinical Research Fellowship. Corinne Fisher (Centre for Rheumatology)
  • £285,845 Prostate Cancer UK.   Shonit Punwani    Project Grant: Localising Occult prostate Cancer metastases with Advanced imaging Techniques (LOCATE)
  • £282,678 (total award to UCL £872,299) European Commision FP7 award,Dr Erik Arstad, entitled “EPITARGET”
  • £250,000 National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia (via BJA), Dr Gareth Ackland, entitled “Parasympathetic modulation of perioperative myocardial injury”

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