UCL Division of Medicine


In2scienceUK and the Division of Medicine

9 December 2013


A recent BBC news item highlighted that Gifted A-level science students from poorer socio-economic backgrounds face major obstacles in securing places at top UK research universities.  While 96% of students from independent schools progress to higher education only 16% of students eligible for free school meals programmes accomplish the same.

Dr Adam Giangreco from the Division of Medicine has been working with Rebecca McKelvey, who in 2009 founded  in2scienceUK, a non-profit organisation which provides laboratory-based placements for gifted A-level students from low income backgrounds.  The Programme offers  students the chance to work alongside UCL scientists, and aims to inspire and motivate them and to support them in their applications to competitive research universities. To date, over 150 students have participated in the in2scienceUK programme, 85% of whom have now progressed to higher education.

In2scienceUK placements within the Division of Medicine give students the opportunity to experience a two week, hands on work experience alongside UCL academics in July or August.  Student enrolment criteria include a minimum of 6 ‘B’ grades at  GCSE level, an interest in biological, chemical, physical or medical sciences, participation in Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) or free school meal (FSM) programs, and a lack of parents with higher education experience.  In addition to laboratory placements, students are mentored with the aim of improving their communication skills, interview techniques, personal statements, and UCAS forms – support they may not receive at school or at home. 

If you are interested in hosting an in2scienceUK student in your lab in 2014 or in supporting the scheme financially please contact Rebecca McKelvey.    Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss the practicalities of hosting students within a UCL please contact Adam Giangreco