UCL Division of Medicine

Institute for Liver and Digestive Health

The UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health (UCL-ILDH), part of the UCL Division of Medicine, concentrates the entire clinical and scientific activity in Hepatology at University College London in close coordination with Hepatobiliary Medicine, Surgery and Liver Transplantation.

The Institute also provides academic guidance for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy at UCL.

Head of Centre

Massimo Pinzani is a Professor of Medicine and Clinical Hepatologist.  He is also the Director of the UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health and the Sheila Sherlock Chair of Hepatology at UCL.  Professor Pinzani joined the UCL Division of Medicine on 1st July 2012. 

Massimo Pinzani is one of the pioneer researchers in key areas of Hepatology such as the cellular and molecular mechanisms of hepatic fibrogenesis and the development of non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic tools for the assessment of disease progression and regression in chronic liver diseases.

Announcement -  Memorial Service - 'Thank you for Life'

A memorial service will be held for Andy on Saturday, 17th May 2014, 3.00pm at St James Church, Muswell Hill and all who wish to attend will be welcome.

Professor Andrew Burroughs, who died on 15th March at the Royal Free, was one of the greatest Hepatologist in history and the true representative of Dame Sheila Sherlock's legacy. For more than thirty years Andy led world class clinical research at the Royal Free providing major advances in clinical practice. He was a world leader and a amazing mentor for generations of Hepatologists trained at the Royal Free. Our thoughts go to his family and to the memories we have of working with him.

Andrew K. Burroughs (Andy) 1953-2014