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Applied Medical Sciences 2016/17 - Open Day 7th October 2015
We are holding an open day for prospective students on Wednesday 7th October from 11am until 3pm.

If you would like to come to the open day please register your interest by getting a free ticket from Eventbrite:

If you are thinking about applying for 2016/17 and have any specific queries about the AMS course please contact our AMS Administration team:

Applied Medical Sciences: A Unique Degree

"Fusing Science with Medicine"


Great scientific minds cannot be developed from book learning alone. Scientific practice requires highly developed practical skills, the ability to think on your feet and intuitively know what is significant; the imagination to solve problems creatively and the capacity to troubleshoot when things go wrong in the lab. Aspiring medical scientists must learn not just a body of knowledge, but learn how to think and how to communicate their ideas to others. Scientists with these skills and a strong medical background are rare.

That’s why we have developed the Applied Medical Sciences programme. Our students will graduate not only with an outstanding academic education but with the skills employers are looking for, equipping them to enter the workplace and work with clinicians to drive the medical sciences forward into the future.

Based in UCL's world famous Division of Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in leafy Hampstead, our students will be working alongside some of Europe's best researchers who, in addition to their teaching duties, are driving forward the cutting edge of medical innovation. With fresh, technology-led teaching and a strong focus on employability, the course is custom designed to give our graduates every advantage for the future.

Lord Winston and our current students

(Applied Medical Sciences students meet Professor Lord Winston for tea and cakes after his lecture “Dropped Eggs” - part of our Science in Action programme)

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Professor Kevin Moore and Dr David Spratt

Programme Directors

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