MECCG009 Respiratory Medicine

Module Title
MEDCG009 Respiratory Medicine
Module Value
Term 2
Short Description The Respiratory Module will guide students through the basic workings of the lungs and intertwine this with understanding the pathophysiology of the common lung disorders. It is tailored to students with a biological or clinical background including the allied medical specialties such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, and similar backgrounds.
Module Aims and Objectives
The major aim of the course is to teach the students the pathophysiology and molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the development of respiratory diseases, with an emphasis on common serious conditions such as lung infection, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pleural disease and interstitial lung disease.
 Topics Students will develop an understanding of how the pathogenesis of respiratory diseases correlates to clinical presentation and therapeutic interventions and will be nurtured through basic established paradigms in lung disease to state of the art concepts including the involvement of stem cells in disease and treatment strategies.
Assessment details
  • Oral Presentation (20%)
  •  3,000 word essay (80%)
 Module Tutor
Dr Jerry Brown

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