GASNG007 Experimental Design and Research Methods

Module Title
GASNG007 Experimental Design and Research Methods
Module Value
Term 1
Short Description This module will be delivered in distance-learning mode with some elements of classroom work. It will provide an introduction to the theory and skills required for the successful completion of a research project. Topics included:

•    Statistical tools for an experimental design
•    Ethical design of a research project
•    Software resources for data management
•    Clinical trial design and procedural processes for conducting studies with human subjects.
•    Hypothesis testing: the null-hypothesis, one and two tailed hypotheses, planning and designing research.
•    Operational definitions, independent and dependent variables
•    Samples and groups, generalisability of findings
•    Reliability, validity, external validity
•    Experimental design including repeated measures designs and single test studies
•    Questionnaire, scales, tests and measurement issues
•    Descriptive statistics
•    Probability and significance
•    Test for more than two conditions
•    One-way Analysis of Variance
•    Multi-factor Analysis of Variance
•    Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance
Assessment detail
  • Open book practical exam. Students will be given a set of experimental data to collate, analyse and present in the form of a report.  (50%)
  • A 1000 word essay on the principles of clinical research (35%).
  • Completion of e-learning statistics course “Basic Statistics for Research” (15%)
 Module Tutor

Dr Nathan Davis

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