GASNG003 Disease and Disordered Eating

Module Title
GASNG003 Disease and Disordered Eating
Module Value
Term 2
Short Description

This module will introduce students to the essential characteristics of ingestive physiology and behaviour in health and disease. Lecture topics may include:

  • How do structure and function interact in normal digestion and absorption?
  • How does gut sensation, motility and secretion influence appetite and nutrient intake?
  • Which hormones and mediators control nutrient selection, and how?
  • What are the effects of inflammatory and malignant disease on satiety and appetite?
  • Which drug-nutrient interactions are clinically relevant?
  • How do psychological and social factors influence eating behaviour?
  • Why does physical activity influence eating behaviour?
  • Is there a biological basis to eating disturbances?
  • What strategies are effective in altering dietary intake in different patient groups?
Assessment detail
  • Multiple choice question examination (100%)
 Module Tutor

Dr Paul Robinson

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