GASNG002 Fundamentals of Nutrition and Metabolism

Module Title
GASNG002 Fundamentals of Nutrition and Metabolism
Module Value
Term 1
Short Description

This module aims to familiarise students with the molecular basis of human metabolism and physiology in the context of clinical and Public Health Nutrition. Topics may include:

  • Important biological molecules, enzymes, co-factors and vitamins and their roles in human metabolism.
  • Control of synthesis of macromolecules such as protein, RNA and DNA.
  • Metabolism of amino acids, lipids and carbohydrates and the integration of their metabolism.
  • Homeostasis and the control of metabolism.
  • Homeostasis of micronutrient metabolism.
  • Energy metabolism.
  • Gene-nutrient interactions.
  • Acid-base and fluid homeostasis and its importance in controlling metabolism.
  • Acquired and inherited metabolic disorders.
  • Nutrition through the human life-cycle.
Assessment detail
  • ¬†Two multiple choice question examinations (45% each)
  • Presentation of a case-study illustrating some of the metabolic principles in the course applied to a real-life situation (10%).
 Module Tutor

Dr Nathan Davies

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