MBBS Transfers (Oxbridge)

Medical students at Oxford and Cambridge may apply for direct entry to Year 4 of the MBBS programme through the MOCAG admissions scheme (Metropolitan Oxford and Cambridge Admissions Group). UCL offers approximately 55 places each year.

Information and application forms may be obtained from individual tutors at the Cambridge colleges and from the Oxford Medical School, John Radcliffe Hospital for the Oxford colleges. 

The closing date for the receipt of applications is January 4th of the year of proposed entry. Applications for deferred entry are considered in exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case basis.

UCL will no longer be having open days, however we will be attending the Cambridge Forum where there will be some short presentations on the MB BS and MB PhD programmes and also on the student experience at UCL, with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. If you are unable to attend the Cambridge forum and have any questions please contact Stephanie Woods.

Please see the UCL website for information about accommodation and fees.  Oxbridge transfers are admitted as continuing students rather than new entrants and so the same fee status and arrangements apply as for the undergraduate medical study undertaken at Oxbridge.  Please contact fees@ucl.ac.uk if you wish further clarification, making clear that your query relates to a transfer from Oxford or Cambridge into Year 4 of the MBBS programme at UCL.

For course information please see the MBBS Overview

MBBS Transfers (Other Medical Schools)

The Medical School regrets that it is currently unable to consider transfer application from universities other then Oxford and Cambridge, which have a formal agreement with the London Medical Schools, because of high student numbers and restricted capacity.

If places become available in the future, information about how to apply will be provided on this website. Under MBBS regulations transfers may only be considered for entry to Year 4.