Royal Free Hospital

The Royal Free Hospital is a major teaching hospital in Hampstead. It was established in 1828 by William Marsden, a newly qualified surgeon, shocked that he could not find treatment for a penniless young woman who died in his arms of hypothermia. The Royal Free was the first to provide care free of charge, and the only London hospital to stay open during the 19th century cholera epidemic.

Royal Free Hospital

At the Royal Free site teaching opportunities including:

Any of the opportunities available on central sites including 

    • Supervising PALS SSC projects
    • Post-exam week shadowing for year 1 students
    • UCL Surgical Society activities
    • Mock-OSCE facilitation

If you have questions about any of the individual programmes, please contact the relevant programme lead. If you have more general questions about teaching on the Royal Free site please contact Dr Paul Dilworth, Royal Free site lead.