Timetable For Rollout

It began when the new-look Final Year was implemented for the 2010/11 Year 5 students which included introducing the regular Case-of-the-Month component. Some technology innovations were also piloted this year, including the video-recording of lectures as a revision aid for students, and the use of personal response systems in lectures and large group work, to improve interaction between participants. These initiatives have been generally well received.

In 2011/12, we piloted a number of new changes including:

  • a new “Foundation Module” introduced to the Year 1 timetable
  • a cardio-metabolic disease patient pathway, including extended patient contacts, piloted for Year 2 students
  • the use of a computer-based portfolio tool by students in Year 3. The ‘NES’ e-portfolio, which is the tool as used by most Foundation Year doctors, will be familiar to many of those who will participate in the trial.

The full rollout, however, began in September 2012 - well almost.  Unless you introduce changes one year at a time, then you are inevitably going to run into problems when students transfer from one curriculum to another part of the way through their time with us. 2012/13 had a transitional year 5 (what was old year 4) to avoid student duplicating placements and modules or missing some altogether.

Full implementation of the new curriculum took place from 2013/14