Core Conditions

The MBBS-2012 core curriculum will centre upon the patient and the symptoms, signs or test abnormalities with which they might present. Rather than learning different subjects (anatomy, clinical medicine, communication skills, etc) in isolation, students will need to integrate what they learn and think how it will enable them to address the needs of a patient. To help with this, these links will be made explicit in ‘curriculum maps’, which will show how, when faced by a real patient, trainee doctors should draw upon knowledge & skills learnt in different parts of the course.

The overall objectives for the new MBBS programme can be found here: Overall Objectives

The spiral nature of the curriculum means that students will build up early foundations of knowledge and ability, relating to the different domains, and revisit these areas to consolidate and add to these foundations at later stages of the course.

The core conditions and presentation guide can be found here: Core Conditions July  2012

After extensive consultation, the above is a list of conditions and presentations that will underpin teaching and assessment within the MBBS programme. It is a guide for teachers as they plan learning opportunities and for students to ensure they address the conditions and presentations we, as a body of teachers, clinical scientists and medical practitioners, believe are fundamental to practice as a doctor entering practice in the contemporary world of healthcare.