Support & Funding

Student Support

The Medical School has a comprehensive student support system in place with an extensive range of advisors and services to support students with academic, personal and practical problems.

If you have any concerns directly relating to your course and academic issues please contact your IBSc course tutor or IBSc personal tutor.

If you have any concerns relating to academic issues about the IBSc year in general please contact the IBSc lead, Professor Stephen Davies (

For any other welfare or personal concerns please make an appointment with student support to discuss this with a Medical School tutor.

Contact Details

Student Support years 1-3

Purvangi Dave (


A limited number of bursaries are available to IBSc students. Students due to start an IBSc are requested to submit an application for funding. This process takes place over the summer months and students will be emailed before the end of year 2 with details of how to apply.

Other sources of funding are detailed in the document below and it is recommended that students investigate possible sources of funding as early as possible in order to meet any deadlines. Please advise the IBSc administrator if you wish to apply for any funding detailed in this document so that the Medical School can keep a record of your application and assist with documentation if needed.

IBSc Funding Opportunities

If you are experiencing financial hardship during your IBSc year please contact student support to arrange an appointment to discuss your concerns.