The Year

'Global Health was an extremely well organised iBSc, in which the passionate teaching of tutors and lively environment made for a fantastic year.' -Paul, Global Health 12/13

'Given the option, I would choose the Physiology IBSc again. The range of modules to choose from was huge and meant that the year was really tailor-made towards my interests. The highlight of my year was the Space Medicine and Extreme Environment course, which was so fascinating and enjoyable throughout. The enthusiasm from Professor Davies was unparalleled though, making The Neurobiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases lectures some of the most interesting of my year. Being able to carry out a laboratory project was an invaluable experience too – from acquiring many new skills to making great future contacts. Overall this IBSc was highly rewarding, helping me to freely further my medical curiosity and knowledge before Year 4.' - Marianne, Physiology 12/13

'The IBSc year provides contrast to the first two years of medical school by allowing students to delve deep into a topic of interest. It gives opportunity to learn how to appraise scientific research, how to write academic essays and how to conduct a research project. It also gives time to mature and reflect on the pre-clinical studies before commencing year 4.' - Natalie, Neuroscience 12/13.

'The main advantage for me was being able to choose from most modules offered by the NPP department. Also, the options are very much open with regards to which direction you can go with your project. I chose a neuroscience project in the ear institute and really got stuck into it, which I thoroughly enjoyed.' - James , Physiology 12/13.

I had a brilliant year. I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would gain from the course but as the year progressed I learnt there was so much to the subject and the department that is interesting to anyone of any background and will help with every career path in the future. The departmental staff are extremely supportive and helpful, with about 2-3 members of staff available per student to help with any problems they may encounter at any time. The course and staff helped me develop as an academic and especially providing me with support for my writing skills which I always found particularly difficult, leaving me far more confident for the future. It is a nice change from the first two years and leaves you in a great shape for the clinical years especially with the combination of clinical work and placements, as well as the freedom to pick a dissertation of any subject that interests you.- Joht, Primary Health Care 12/13