Information for current MBBS Students and Staff

Welcome to the MBBS website which holds information to help students and staff to navigate the MBBS, IBSc and MBPhD programmes.  These programmes are led by Dr Deborah Gill through UCL Medical School and a team of Vice and Sub Deans drawn from the Medical School and associated NHS Trusts.  Student support is led by 2 Faculty Tutors, Dr P Raven and B Cross, assisted by a team of Student Support  Tutors.  The MBBS, IBSc and MBPhD programmes are supported by Medical Student Administration at 3 campus offices.


UCLMS Social Media Policy

Social media has become a powerful part of the web in recent years and has changed the way we communicate and collaborate online.  Many organisations, such as the GMC and the BMA, politicians and medical journals are actively using social media and discussions of various aspects of the professional lives of doctors are increasingly seen on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Students and doctors are finding and creating new ways to learn together, using these powerful tools. is an example of this, run by staff at UCL Medical School, and we encourage our students to use new media to complement other forms of education. Patients are also online, seeking medical information, and increasingly doctors and students need to balance their personal and professional identities.

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