Information for current MBBS Students and Staff

Welcome to the MBBS website which holds information to help students and staff to navigate the MBBS, IBSc and MBPhD programmes.  These programmes are led by Professor Deborah Gill through UCL Medical School and a team of Vice and Sub Deans drawn from the Medical School and associated NHS Trusts.  Student support is led by Divisional Tutor, Dr W Coppola, assisted by a team of Student Support  Tutors.  The MBBS, IBSc and MBPhD programmes are supported by Medical Student Administration at 3 campus offices.


To all UCL MBBS students

We should be very grateful if you would note the email addresses below for contacting Medical Student Administration.   

These shared email addresses replace individual staff email addresses and have been introduced to facilitate more efficient responses to student emails, in particular by enabling teams to cover when individual members of staff are absent.

We should be very grateful if you would direct all your emails to these addresses.

Year Teams Year 1
  Year 2
  Year 3/IBSc
  Year 4
  Year 5
  Year 6
Vertical Modules
Student Support Clinics Student Support appointments  for students in Years 1-3
  Student Support appointments  for students in Years 4-6
Personal Tutors Personal Tutors  for students in Years 1-3
  Personal Tutors for students in Year 4-6
Elective approval

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