Top Teacher and Administrator Awards


Throughout the course of the year, UCL Medical School students are given the opportunity to nominate teachers who were particularly helpful or inspiring to them during their studies. In 2012-13 students cast over 1500 votes, from which there are 83 award winners.

Students have also been given the opportunity to nominate administrators whom they found particularly helpful and supportive. In 2012-13, there were over 90 votes cast in this category, from which 10 administrators were selected as outstanding.

Top Teachers and Administrators 2013-14 coming soon!!

Winners 2012-13
Category Awards Issued
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Registrars; Junior Doctors; Nurses other teachers
Year 5
Central Sites Consultants 5

DGH Consultants

Registrars; Junior Doctors; Nurses other teachers 3
Year 6

Registrars; Junior Doctors; Nurses other teachers 9
Vertical Modules (All Years)
Administrators   10

Year 1 Winners

Circulation and Breathing
Prof. Michael Gilbey (UCL, Neuroscience & Pharmacology)
Dr James Goldring (Royal Free, Respiratory Medicine)

Foundations of Health and Medical Practice
Prof. Sir Michael Marmot (UCL, Dept of Epidemiology & Public Health)
Dr Finn Werner (UCL, Structural & Molecular Biology)

Fluid, Nutrition and Metabolism
Dr Greg Campbell (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)
Dr Ted Debnam (UCL, Physiology)

Infection and Defence
Prof. Peter Delves (UCL, Dept of Immunology)
Dr Kate Ward (UCL, Dept of Infection)

SSC Dr Scott Rice (UCL, Centre for Medical Imaging)

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Year 2 Winners

Cancer Biology

Prof. Charles Swanton (UCL, London Research Institute)

Endocrine Systems and Regulation

Dr Pam Houston (UCL, Biomedical Sciences)

Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Alan Bates (UCL, Cellular Pathology)

Dr Peter Gogalniceanu (Colchester Hospital, Vascular Surgery)

Prof. Fred Spoor (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Dr Sandra Martelli (UCL, Division of Biosciences)

Prof. Patrick Anderson (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)

Neuroscience and Behaviour

Prof. Christopher Yeo (UCL, Anatomy & Developmental Biology)

Reproduction, Development and Genetics

Dr Greg Fitzharris (UCL, Institute of Women’s Health)

Dr Claudio Stern (UCL, Cell & Developmental Biology)


Dr Wendy Birch (UCL, Anatomy & Developmental Biology)

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Year 3 IBSc Winners

Dr Alasdair Gibb (UCL, Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology)

Mr Mike Rowson (UCL, Institute of Child Health)

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Year 4 Winners

Dr Thofique Adamjee (UCLH)

Dr Julie Andrews (Whittington)

Prof Timothy Blackburn (Whittington)

Dr Bernard Davis (Whittington)

Dr Christian Hasford (UCLH)

Dr Ben Lovell (Royal Free)

Dr Daniel Marks (UCLH)

Ms Catherine Phillips (UCLH)

Prof. Anisure Rahman (UCLH)

Dr Christos Toumpanakis (Royal Free)

Dr Freddie Vonberg (UCL, PALS)

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Year 5 Winners

Child and Family Health

Dr Mas Ahmed (Queen’s)

Dr Benita Morrisey (North Middlesex)

Dr Alastair Sutcliffe (Institute of Child Health)

Clinical Neurosciences

Dr Rachel Gibbons (St Pancras)

Dr Gordon Ingle (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery)

Dr Matt Parton (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery)

Dr Robert Simister (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery)

Dr Robert Tobiansky (Barnet)

Dr Chris Turner (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery)

Women’s Health and Communicable Disease

Miss Shahnaz Akhbar (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Jonathan Cartledge (Mortimer Market Centre)

Prof. Alan Maclean (Royal Free)

Mr Michael Morcos (Chase Farm)

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Year 6 Winners

Dr Ritwik Banerjee (Luton & Dunstable)

Mr Vijay Gadhvi (Basildon)

Dr Justin Garner (Watford)

Dr Parthipan Pillai (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Rachel Quail (Lister)

Dr Anish Radia (Luton & Dunstable)

Dr Sujay Shah (Barnet)


Dr Charles Butcher (Harefield)

Dr Jonathan Costello (Royal Free)

Dr Barry Fuller (UCL)

Mr Manolis Gavalas (UCLH)

Dr Julian Gillmore (Royal Free)

Dr Adam Gwozdz (UCLH)

Dr Rob Stephens (UCLH)

Dr Wit Woothipoom (North Middlesex)

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Vertical Module Winners

Dr Derick Adigbli (UCL)

Ms Amanda Band (UCL)

Dr Alex Kelly (UCL)

Mr Michael Klingenberg (UCL)

Ms Nicky Mathastein (UCL)

Ms Tina Nyazika (UCL)

Mr Richard Say (UCL)

Prof Graham Scambler (Mortimer Market Centre)

Dr Heather Suckling (UCL)

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Administrators Awards

The Top Administrator awards were introduced to provide recognition to the exceptional administrators involved in the MBBS.

The votes were collected from a single questionnaire sent out to all students across all five years at the end of the academic year.

National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Ms Louise Hurford (Undergraduate Secretary)

UCL Medical School

Ms Karen Picken (Year 4 Administrator)

Ms Fahmina Begum (Y1 and Y2 Administrator)

Ms Anushka Magan (IBSc Physiology and Pharmacology Administrator)

Mr Neil McWhirter (Year 5 MB BS Manager)

Mr Matthew Brown (Teaching Administrator, Paediatrics)

Ms Ruth Fox (Teaching Administrator, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science)

Ms Carolyn Cohen (Teaching Administrator, Division of Medicine)

Ms Caroline Smith (Teaching Administrator, Institute of Child Health)

Ms Anne Thurston (Electives Assistant)

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