Student Evaluation Questionnaires (SEQs)

SEQs are used by the Medical School's Quality Assurance Unit to collect student feedback at the end of each module of the MBBS programme. A timetable for the SEQs and reports for 2016-17 can be found here.

Detailed SEQ reports, including free text comments, are available on a restricted basis to those involved in student teaching. Any comments about named individuals are redacted from these reports prior to circulation and are then followed up by the module leads in the first instance. A flowchart and further information on this process can be accessed here.

SEQ reports, without free text comments, and annual SEQ summary reports are publicly available (click on the relevant links below).

For more information about the MBBS programme, please visit theĀ UCLMS MBBS Course Information site.

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For more information about the reports please contact the QA Unit

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