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UCLMS student Ersong Shang wins the Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize in Ophthalmology

May 13, 2014 09:18AM

UCL Medical Student Ersong Shang has won the Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize in Ophthalmology – 2014. 550 students from 36 Medical Schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland competed in the Duke Elder Undergraduate Prize Examination in March. The standard is deliberately high and those taking the top places are to be congratulated. Ersong will collect £400.00 or the equivalent prize (a chance to visit St John’s Eye Hospital in Jerusalem).


Professor Jane Dacre elected president of the Royal College of Physicians

Apr 28, 2014 10:24AM

Professor Jane Dacre was elected president of the Royal College of Physicians last night, by single transferable vote from a field of ten candidates, in a ballot organised by Electoral Reform Services. The result was announced at the end of College Day, the day of the RCP’s Annual General Meeting. Professor Dacre won by 281 votes from the next nearest candidate and becomes the third female president in the RCP’s history. In total there were 4,933 valid votes, and following nine voting transfers Professor Dacre was elected with 1,848 votes.


UCLMS Seminar: The intercalated BSc - Dr Melvyn Jones - 10th March

Mar 05, 2014 11:24AM

The intercalated BSc - why do medical schools offer them and what do they achieve?


Provost’s Public Engagement Awards

Feb 12, 2014 14:23PM

Winner: Engager of the year (researcher/academic grade 8 and above) Dr Jayne Kavanagh, UCL Medical School


Jane Dacre holds first MRCP PACES in Myanmar

Jan 08, 2014 10:49AM

This November, Professor Jane Dacre led the very first PACES for MRCP (Member of the Royal College of Physicians) in Myanmar. This was successfully held in New Yangon General Hospital, one of the teaching hospitals of the University of Medicine, Yangon.


Certificate of Merit in Recognition of Junior Staff Involved in Teaching on the UCL MBBS Programme

UCL Medical School together with the MBBS Quality Assurance Unit has developed an award scheme to acknowledge and reward junior staff involved in teaching.

The MBBS programme is a complex and multifaceted course with the highest number of undergraduates on a single programme within UCL. This endeavour could not succeed without the enormous effort of a large number of dedicated and talented teachers.

So, if you work with an FY1 or FY2 doctor or any other junior member of staff who you think goes ‘above and beyond’ in their contribution to UCL MBBS teaching, then please make them aware of our new award scheme.


This award scheme aims to recognise the commitment of current or recent junior doctors (FY1 or FY2) who feel they have made a significant contribution to undergraduate teaching on UCL’s MBBS programme, and who have shown a greater commitment to teaching and development as a teacher.  Please apply for this award scheme during your FY training period. 

It is important to acknowledge and reward all teachers’ contribution to teaching medical students. Even if you only manage to run a few teaching sessions you should discuss these with your education supervisor to ensure these are acknowledged and documented. The Trusts and UCL Medical School has a series of ways that sustained commitment to teaching can be recognised.

Here is some further guidance about recognition of commitment for junior doctors involved in teaching: Medical School Guidance for Foundation Years Doctors’ contribution to the MBBS Programme


Successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Merit endorsed by the Medical School Teaching and Professional Development Unit.

Method of Application

Download the application form here.

Please follow the clear guidance on the application form and complete all three sections in full.

As part of section one, you are required to submit a portfolio of work in the field of teaching and support of learning activities to the UCL Medical School. Hard copies of supporting documentation will be accepted. However, we are unable to return any submitted hard copies of documentation.

Application forms and portfolios should be submitted by email to Dr Deborah Gill (Director of the UCL Academic Centre of Medical Education)

Once submitted, the UCL Medical School Teaching and Professional Development Unit (TPDU) will contact your referee directly, asking them to verify your application.  

Closing Date

This award scheme is a rolling programme, so there is no formal deadline to submit your application forms.

Selection Process and Criteria

The criteria for the award is clearly stated on all sections of the award application form.

All award application forms will be reviewed by UCL’s Medical School Teaching and Professional Development Unit (TPDU), the UCL MBBS Quality Assurance Unit and Dr Deborah Gill (Director of the UCL Academic Centre of Medical Education). 

They will collectively aim to make a decision on whether the applicant receives the award within one month of receiving each award application form.  This is of course subject to receipt of verification from your referee.

There is no limit to how many award certificates we award each year.


If you have any queries about this Certificate of Merit award scheme, then do please contact us.

Other Awards

If you are a senior member of staff or work with a senior member of staff who deserves recognition, then UCL already have well established award schemes for senior teachers. These are run by the UCL MBBS Quality Assurance Unit and more details can be found on their web pages: