Leadership Skills for the Healthcare Professional (PGMEG012)


Leadership is an imperative component of contemporary healthcare. In a changing societal and healthcare landscape, delivering progressive healthcare is a challenging process. This module has been developed to allow professionals who take responsibility for the resourceful and safe organisation of healthcare practice to develop their skills and understanding of workplace based leadership and its application. This module will suit participants from all medical specialities as well as from professional backgrounds allied to medicine, such as nursing, midwifery and paramedicine.

Intended learning outcomes:

Participants will develop skills that enable them to:

  • Describe the scope, role and academic responsibilities of leadership in contemporary healthcare
  • Establish and maintain effective teamwork and communication.
  • Manage team members’ progression, including the struggling team member.
  • Guide the personal and professional development of team members.
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness through the use of assessment, including workplace-based assessment, supervision and feedback.
  • Determine appropriate levels of leadership autonomy to ensure safe and effective patient care whilst allowing team members to develop and extend their expertise.
  • Facilitate leadership development through developmental conversations to identify and address learning needs, improve their reflective practice and safely develop their clinical leadership.
  • Understand why transformation efforts fail.
  • Understand power in organisations

Course contents:

This module will provide a range of activities and resources that will help participants to develop an understanding of leadership in contemporary healthcare and improve their skills and competencies as leaders in a multidisciplinary environment.

Method of delivery:

This module is a blended learning module and will be delivered through a virtual learning environment (Moodle) with an additional 2 face to face teaching days. This approach combines educational methods that encourage self-directed learning, reflection on personal experience, critical thinking and access to extensive online resources. This will enable students to engage in collaborative learning and to be in regular contact with module tutors for a high level of academic support.

During this module participants will work through course materials and readings and undertake directed learning activities online. This will build the foundations for their assessed teaching session and reflective assignment.
Two full teaching day (14 hours) comprising interactive lectures and small group work will take place. This teaching session will be observed and assessed by module tutors.

Participants will also carry out leadership of agreed projects in their own clinical workplace. This will be discussed with the tutor through email exchanges and direct supervision and with peers during tutorial classes.


  • Pre-requisite module: N/A
  • UCL module title: Leadership Skills for the Healthcare Professional
  • UCL module code: PGMEG012
  • Module tutor: Deirdre Wallace
  • M Level credits: 15
  • Module cost 2015-16: £530 at M-level, £300 as CPD only (without assessment)

Teaching dates

Dates for 2015-16 will be published in September.

If you would like to register your interest for the 2015-16 modules or if you have any general queries, please contact uclms.postgraduate@ucl.ac.uk.