Academic Centre for Medical Education

Deborah Gill

The Academic Centre for Medical Education (ACME) was established in 2002 to co-ordinate developments in teaching and education at undergraduate and postgraduate level within UCL Medical School

Lead by Dr Deborah Gill from the Holborn Union Building on the Whittington Campus, ACME is the focus of education research and development within the UCL Medical School

ACME incorporates the following units:

ACME draws together a range of experienced staff that includes doctors, nurses, psychologists and educationalists. The ACME team ensures that the work of the UCL Medical School is supported by a strong pedagogical research underpinning, and the multi-professional nature of the team encourages innovation in a wide range of education research, and teaching and learning developmental activities.

ACME aims to support medical educators in the adoption of evidence-based best educational practice via the dissemination of ACME research findings, and the dissemination of the findings of important educational research conducted elsewhere.