Vacancies in NCTFS

Please note that information is this section is applicable to NCTFS only. For information about vacancies in other foundation schools, please visit their website or contact them directly.

Recruitment for vacant posts

NCTFS recruits only once a year through the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). The recruitment starts in early Autumn, for jobs commencing in August the following year. We do not advertise our vacancies directly, have a waiting list, or accept CVs.

If a job becomes unfilled, it is released for general advertising as either a Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) or a Locum Appointment for Service (LAS).

Any F2 vacancies that are available for August 2017 will be advertised on a London-wide basis. Recruitment for August 2017 vacancies is currently open - please see the link for these vacancies: Advert

Graduates from medical schools abroad who are eligible for full GMC registration may apply directly for an F2 LAT vacancy and achieve Foundation competencies after that year of training.

To check what type of GMC registration you are eligible for, please visit the GMC website.

What is a LAT and what is a LAS?

  • LAT jobs are training jobs that start on the first Wednesday in August and last for exactly 12 months. They can only be at F2 level. Those appointed to a LAT job will become a Foundation School F2 trainee, have access to the same educational opportunities and assessments as those following the 2-year Foundation Programme and receive a Foundation Achievement of Competency Document (FACD) if they fulfill the F2 sign-off requirements. However, due to a LAT being a 1-year fixed-term job, they will not be entitled to extension of training or provision of remediation if they fail to fulfill the F2 sign-off requirements within 12 months. Please refer to the UKFPO website for more detailed information about F2 LAT recruitment.
  • LAS jobs are service jobs. LAS jobs are all F1 vacancies (regardless of their length) and those F2 vacancies which are offered for a period of time shorter than 12 months. Doctors appointed to LAS jobs will receive clinical supervision to protect patient safety and have access to educational opportunities within the hospital including attendance at teaching sessions. However, they will not be linked to any foundation school, registered on ePortfolio, entitled to sign-off by the school, extension of training or provision of remediation. In addition, London area hospitals will be appointing only candidates holding full GMC registration.

If you already have a place with a Foundation School

Please note that you are not permitted to move to another Foundation School unless you qualify for an Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST). Guidance and application documentation can be found on the UKFPO website.

Applicants are reminded of the GMC requirements in relation to probity and professional conduct. Applicants who feel they have valid reasons for withdrawing from the Foundation School or a programme should contact their current Foundation School manager at the earliest opportunity.